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  • Itchy gunky ears, paws chewed until they're red raw, foul smelling wind- sound familiar? Dogs express allergens through their skin. Ears and paws have some of the thinnest, most sensitive skin on the body, so are most vulnerable to dietary allergens.


    Excess gas is commonly caused by starchy, heavy foods as most dogs lack the digestive enzymes needed to break down carbohydrates. In both cases, simply removing irritants from your dogs diet can alleviate or even eliminate the symptoms- without the need for costly and invasive treatments.


    Like all of our sensitive pick n mix selections, each treat in the Hypoallergenic box is chosen with care to suit your dog's individual needs. If your dog has any specific allergies, let us know in the personalisation box. 




    Lean, gentle, eaily digestable proteins

    Exotic, naturally hypoallergenic meats



    Chicken, beef and grain

    Startches and carbohydrates

    Rich proteins

    Sugars and sweeteners

    Preservatives and additives




    Our pick n mix boxes are available as a one off treat (perfect for birthday or gotcha day gifts) or as a fortnightly or monthly subscription delivered straight to your door. 


    In each box, you'll find a selection of our mix of our pick n mix favourites, along with some exclusive surprises and new arrivals. Got a favourite treat or an allergy? Simply let us know and we'll be happy to accomodate your dog's individual needs.


    Hypoallergenic Mix

    PriceFrom £8.95
    •  Our treats are naturally air dried with no preservatives or artificial ingredients so please remember to store them in a cool, dry place (though if your pups are anything like ours, you won’t have to store them for very long!)


      For novice raw feeders and young pups, please check listing info for age guidelines and always supervise your dogs when introducing new treats.