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About The Ethical Behaviourist

Dogs are not just my profession, they are my passion. The welfare and health of my clients is at the heart of my practice- valued equally with results. I do not engage in practices which suppress behaviour or cause physical distress. Instead, I work with the dogs in my care- taking time to investigate breeding, lifestyle, health and background before creating a training programme which is not only bespoke, but effectively and comprehensively supports your dog long after coaching has ended.

Advocacy for animal welfare and informed professional advice is hugely important to me. I maintain memberships with both the National Institute of Canine Ethics and RFVS as well as regularly attending international talks and seminars. Each year, I submit an average of two to three hundred hours of professional development study for accredited review and assessment. I believe that to offer the level of care our dogs deserve it is critically important to maintain an up to date understanding of industry policy, professional conduct standards and scientific developments. 

As well as behaviour, I am a life long student of canine neurochemistry, anatomy, physiology and nutrition. Understanding a dog's physical and evolutionary needs allows me to offer a specialist level of care and consider each case effectively and provide in depth support. 

I also understand first hand the mental health and logistical challenges of living with a reactive dog. Even now, in 2024, owning a fearful dog comes with an often intense level of stigma and misunderstanding. Each month, I host a programme of community events designed to give support, relief and training opportunities to the families of reactive dogs. The events are free and open to dogs of all shapes and sizes. 

if you are looking for life hacks, short cuts or force led approaches- I'm afraid you've come to the wrong place. But- if effective, lasting rehabilitation and understanding is your goal- I would be very happy to hear from you via the form below.


Katie, The Ethical Dog Behaviourist.

Dip. Hlth & Nut

Dip. Canine Behaviour



ISCP Canine Neuroscience

Dogenius Institute: Weight Management for Dogs Certification

Dogenius Institute: The Art of Communication Certification 

Sexual Hormones and Canine Behaviour Webinar

The Dog Nutrition Summit Neutraceuticals- The Benefits of Supplements

Decoding Your Canine Summit: The Nuances of Social Rehabilitation

CoE Canine Nutrition Diploma

CoE Canine Behaviour Training Diploma

CoE Canine Anatomy and Physiology Diploma

Canine Principles Canine Nutrition and Health Accredited Certification

Canine Principles Dogs and Children Certification

Canine Principles Level 4 Diploma Canine Welfare, Training and Behaviour (in progress)




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  • What are your training methods?
    I am a scientifically led Behaviourist working primarily in the fields of trauma rehabilitation, reactivity and fear driven behaviours. My methods are scientifically backed, focusing on clear boundaries and communication, as well as an understanding of canine body language and neurochemistry. My practice is aversive free and follows guidelines laid out by the Kennel Club, NICE, RVC, Dogs Trust and others. The use of aversive tools is not tolerated in either my professional sessions or community support groups.
  • What kind of dogs do you work with?
    I do not discriminate based on breed or background. I have extensive knowledge of sighthound breeds and working dog physiology and professionally support both Spanish and Romanian recue groups.
  • What is your availability?
    My availability will vary from month to month. When no appointments are available to book via the website, you can still access my coaching resources through The Anxious Dogs Club Patreon page and community support group.
  • What are your qualifications?
    I hold multiple OFQUAL accredited qualifications in Canine Behaviour, Nutrition, Health, Wellbeing and Care and continue to work towards my Level 6 Diploma in Behaviour. I am also first aid certified and fully insured. Copies of my certificates are available on request.
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